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Legend of Zelda

First appearance:

Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

Bit and Bot are minor enemies in Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link.


Bit and Bots are minor enemies that lurk in many of the dungeons and environments Link explores. They are not too much of a problem, but later levels can place them in awkward spots to catch unprepared players, such as near bottomless pits.


Bit and Bot look completely identical, except for their color scheme. Bits are red, and Bots are blue. They are simple masses of gelatinous goo. Despite being made of goo, their bodies are vulnerable to most types of attack, proving them to not be resilient to much of anything.
Giant Bot

A Giant Bot

There are also Giant Bots, which are a collection of Bots. They will separate if enough damage is inflicted upon them.


Both Bit and Bot are typically hostile towards Link, and will try to hurt him as best they can.

In the town of Saria, however, there is a friendly Bot which will not attack Link, and considers a man named Bagu its owner.


The red Bits possess no abilities, and can only inch towards the player.

Blue Bots, on the other hand, possess the ability to jump at people. Bots can also form from blue drops of water that drop from the ceiling. When this happens, they will immediately begin jumping at the player if they are nearby.

In terms of abilities, Giant Bots are identical to Bots, only more difficult to avoid and more damaging due to their increased size.

Physical AppearanceEdit


A Bit

Bit and Bot simple-looking masses of goo. Bits are red in color, whereas Bots and Giant Bots are blue. They have a pair of eyes formed on top of them. Their bodies are also constantly oozing. Giant Bots, however, seem completely smooth.