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Lime green/orange






Adventure Time

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Adventure Time Season 5 Episode 35

Blargetha is a character featured in the animated series Adventure Time by Pendleton Ward. She is voiced by Katie Crown.

Character OverviewEdit

Blargetha is the younger sister of the currently reigning Slime Princess and was next in line to inherit the crown from her. Though both siblings were okay with it at first, her older sister then discovered her darker machinations as the suitor she chose to be her prince, Guillermo, turned out to be "evil", even organizing a military in secret in her own room. With the Love Games upcoming soon, the Slime Princess challenges her with the legendary hero, Finn the Human, as her mate to stop Blargetha.


Blargetha, like all other Slime denizens, appears as a greenish shapeless blob with an orange coloration in the center mass. While appearing very similar to her sister, she wears a headband with a gem centered on her forehead. According to both her and Slime Princess, Blargetha is incredibly "sexy and hot".


Blargetha appeared to be a well-meaning person, but because of Slime standards, her beauty was far too great for any one male Slime to work up the nerve to talk to her. It was because of this that Blargetha took on a darker side and even created a fake husband in order to ensure she would take the crown from her sister during the Love Games.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Blargetha has not displayed any powers thus far in her screentime



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