Artificial Organism Soldier

Real Name:

Direction of Identity and Operation system










World Heroes

First appearance:

World Heroes 2

Dio is the 'real' final boss that appears at the end of World Heroes 2, the second installment in the World Heroes series by SNK Playmore

Character OverviewEdit

Dio is yet another creation of Damudo, created to surpass Geegus in every way. Unfortunately, the creation formed its own identity and consciousness and escaped from his master's control, hellbent on wreaking havoc wherever he goes


Unlike the previous Geegus creations whose appearances were base in nature, Dio appears to be a little more alien like. He was deliberately designed after the titular manga protagonist Baoh. He appears as a male adult sporting a silvery-blue chrome texture with short, wild hair and a crown on his forehead featuring an amber jewel and glowing golden eyes. He features a pair of blades located on his forearms.


Initially emotionless, Dio developed an extremely violent consciousness that drives him to terminate all that encounter him, no matter who or what they are.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Dio possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting, liquefying, mass shifting and weapon forming. Unlike the Geegus creations, Dio adapts his own original fighting style rather than copying his opponents. He utilizes his arm blades rather frequently as well as transforming his legs into a stabbing weapon to either attack from above or to sweep them off their feet. He can also fire off energy blasts that hover in place for a while before they disperse.



  • Despite not being a playable character, Dio has an alternate color palette like every other character.

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