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Virtua Fighter

Dural is a recurring character from the 3D fighting game series Virtua Fighter by SEGA.

Character OverviewEdit

Dural is the grand experiment of the mysterious corporation known as J6. Once a human kunoichi known as Tsukikage, she was captured and experimented on due to her exceptional battle skill and resilient body. Transformed by various cybernetic enhancements and brainwashing, she has become a steel silhouette of her former self. When her son, Kage-Maru came to save her from her fate, she was replaced by a new model with their sights set on Sarah. After being saved by her son, he found that he needed parts to keep her body working, but this caused her to become even less human than before.


Dural appears as a featureless feminine figure made completely out of metal (complete with clanking sounds when struck), although alternate colors give her different sheens or textures. At the first game, she appears rather blocky and appears to have very small eyes. However, as graphical power improved over time, she became more and more smooth to the point of appearing liquid-like.



Special AbilitiesEdit

Dural's abilities come from her fighting prowess alone. While she does not appear to demonstrate any morphing abilities in combat, the tech demo and ending for Virtua Fighter 3tb indicates that she is capable of morphing into a puddle. Later in Virtua Fighter 5, she liquefies upon losing a match. In battle, Dural's moveset is solely composed of the best techniques from every character in the immediate roster and tends to take less damage than the other characters.



  • Dural's theme in the first game is a remix of the character select screen theme SELECTOR, a clever nod to further enhance the feel of fighting every character in the game at once.

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