Gundam 00

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Gundam 00 A Wakening of the Trailblazer

ELS are a species featured in the animated movie Gundam 00 A Wakening of the Trailblazer, a continuation of the Gundam 00 series and a part of the Gundam metaseries by Yoshiyuki Tomino.


The ELS are a hive mind-style race of aliens who live within complete harmony with one another whose only wish is to explore the cosmos and co-exist with other lifeforms. However, due to their way of communicating and the destruction of their homeworld, this has been a very tough journey for this race of shapeless, yet sentient race.


The ELS are made up entirely of an unknown type of metal that can be safely bonded with both existing machinery and biological lifeform to increase quantum brainwave capacity. Despite their biology, they cannot regenerate from any type of damage.


The ELS exist as a peaceful and unified race whose only desire is to communicate and bond with other lifeforms but because of the way they communicate, they have been forced to fight in self-defense. Their intelligence is at most, above human level.


The ELS possess the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting, liquefying, weapon formation and mass control. The ELS come in a limitless variety of forms, both machinery and living creatures alike, provided that they've already absorbed the necessary materials needed to. Their sentience is displayed when they attempt dialogue with anyone, especially with Innovators which is signaled by a ringing. Unfortunately, the vast amounts of information being poured at once causes immense mental pain. Combined with their ability to assimilate even living creatures, the rough process usually ends up killing them from the strain. A proper dialogue and symbiosis can however result in a healthy ELS hybrid creature as seen with the series main protagonist, Setsuna F. Seiei.

In combat, they take on the form of sharp, missile-like projectiles. Though they can be destroyed by any mobile suit weapon, their immense numbers make continuous fire such as beam weapons necessary. These projectiles penetrate the hulls of both battleships and mobile suits alike and begin to spread and absorb them and those who occupy them. Once the absorption is complete, all technology onboard is at their command. They are even able to duplicate GN technology when they absorb and morph into the GN-XIV mobile suit, producing a unique violet glow as opposed to the Gundam Meister's exclusive green and the GN Tau's orange and red. They are also able to form into large battleships equipped with beam cannons as well. For interstellar travel, they form wormholes that have enough force to suck in and crush anything within the vicinity.

Physical appearanceEdit

The ELS, being shapeshifters, have no real defined form, existing as pure abstract constructs until in motion. They usually carry with them a typical sleek, silver colored texture.


  • The ELS are the first ever completely alien and non-humanoid species to appear within the Gundam metaseries.