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Guilty Gear

Eddie is a playable character featured in the Guilty Gear series by Arc System Works.

Character OverviewEdit

"Eddie" is a Forbidden Beast, a symbiotic creature with incredible powers bonded to a host, although something must be sacrificed in order for the bond to work. This particular beast was chosen by the Assassin Guild member Zato-1, at the cost of his sight. However, after the events of the Guilty Gear X, Zato-1 was killed by his disciple Millia Rage, but Eddie continued to use his body as a vessel to live, until he can find a new one.


As a symbiotic creature, Eddie takes on the form of Zato's shadow, remaining in a formless, swirling entity until he attacks. In full form, he has the same muscular and slim build as his host, but has the head of a horned lizard-like creature and features claws and talons at times, features wings. The only distinct feature against his dark visage are his red eyes.


In its first appearance, Eddie was nothing more than a mindless creature, but after the various battles Zato had gone through and took a toll on him, Eddie gained a conscience believing himself to be an artificial creation with artificial instincts, he desires to break away from his fate, trying to search for others like it. In spite of this, Eddie is a rude creature unable to understand humans and looks down upon them, particularly taunting Millia Rage for his host's previous conflict with her and Venom, the host's lover for being unable to let go of Zato despite him already being dead.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Eddie possesses several basic slime abilities including shapeshifting, liquefying, weapon forming and mass shifting. Eddie takes full advantage of his shapeless state by taking on various shapes, both definite and abstract in order to trip his opponents while setting up 'traps' to effectively dominate the battle field. He can detach a piece of himself that can act as a partner while he controls Zato's body that either transforms into a buzzsaw or a 'landmine' that erupts into a drilling blade. While encompassing Zato's body and assuming a humanoid form, he can form wings on his back to take flight or glide in the area although he can still change his form, even going so far as to transform into a flying sword in one of his super attacks.



  • In the first Guilty Gear, Eddie was unnamed and Zato-1 was the character identified. Due to his voice actor having died shortly before the release of Guilty Gear X, the Zato character was killed offscreen and as a result, Eddie fights in his stead, Zato himself only being mentioned in story modes and endings.