Eilis of the Storm

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Shinzo Episode 21

Eilis is an antagonist featured in the anime series Shinzo (Mushrambo in Japan) by Tetsuo Imazawa. He is voiced by Hisao Egawa in Japan and Steven Blum in the English dub.

Character OverviewEdit

Eilis is one of the main antagonists featured in the second part of the series. A member of the shapeshifting race of Kadrians, Eilis is a servant of the dreaded Lanacuras, set on reviving his master and he will do whatever is necessary to prevent the resurrection of his nemesis, the legendary Mushrambo. Prideful and sadistic, Eilis strikes fear into those who oppose him


Eilis appears as a pale green-skinned humanoid with short, spiky blue colored hair with a visor covering his eyes. He is covered in a dark colored outfit plated with gray armor, finishing the outfit with a flowing purple cape.


Eilis is a bloodthirsty individual who revels in the heat of battle. Fiercely loyal to Lanacuras, he'll do all that's possible to eradicate any threats to his master and does so gleefully. He is not above employing underhanded tricks like holding bystanders hostages for an advantage and also has a tendency to torture downed opponents as well.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Eilis possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting, liquefying and weapon formation. His power is so great that only Mushrambo himself can take him on. Eilis takes full advantage of his malleability to absorb physical blows, allowing melee fighters to impale him where he will either take firm hold of their weapons and while they're struggling, takes the opportunity for a free hit. When on the offensive, it's not uncommon for him to appear as a chaotic mass to attack as either a wave or a slew of tendrils. He also has the ability to convert any mass around him into pure metal, further increasing his attack range. From this new mass, he can also conjure up a beast called Metallisaur to fight in his stead. As a Kadrian, he takes he has the ability to transform into a more powerful state called Hyper Beast, becoming a twisted, monstrous version of himself to increase his power.