Fathom Golden

Real Name:

Becky Golden











First appearance:

Elementals #1

Fathom is one of the main protagonists featured in the comic book series Elementals by Comico Comics.

Character OverviewEdit

Born Becky Golden, Fathom was a woman who, after an unfortunate drowning accident, was resurrected by the four elements and given superpowers to combat against the evil Lord Saker. Together with the team of "Elementals", Fathom is more than ready to combat the forces of evil.


As Fathom, Becky appears as a slightly tall woman of fit and slim physique. She has green skin with webbed hands and has long dark green hair, giving her an appearance similar to female Skrulls and She-Hulk. Her superhero outfit consists solely of a white and black leotard, leaving her arms and legs completely bare.


Fathom serves as the well-needed light of the group, usually among the most upbeat and ready for any situation, though in her flashback comic series, this may have come from her resurrection which happened right in front of her best friend and scared her away which seems to indicate she does not want to be alone.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Fathom possesses the basic slime abilities of liquefying, regenation and mass control. As the Elemental of water, Fathom possesses incredible aquatic abilities and is able to control the weather to bring down storms. In the water, she is able to breath and swim about with incredible grace and speed. Even out of the water, Fathom is still a formidable fighter as she can not only shoot jet stream of water from her hands, but also liquefy herself into water to completely overwhelm her opponents or to escape through water systems and other bodies of water.



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