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Furido is an original creation of Kaihedgie

Character OverviewEdit

Furido is the older sister of Furo. While her younger sister prefers to go out in the open, explore and adventure, Furido feels more at home living in the city like a normal person. Though more mature and sophisticated, Furido also finds herself falling into the same trappings as Furo and the two even tend to argue. However, she ultimately cares more for her sister than anything


Furido is similar to Furo in appearance. She appears as a female humanoid with sky blue skin and two toned long blue hair at appears more gooey than Furo's shorter, more detailed hair.. Her eyes are of a cobalt blue, which matches the jewels on her body. However, she has two additional jewels lining her neck as opposed to the sole gem on Furo's chest. Her markings are also a bit more stretch and cover more of her arms. Her overall form is much taller and bustier.


Unlike Furo, Furido's more patient and mature. Instead of being flirtatious, Furido is a bit more formal and cooperative. While on her own working though, she lets her customers relax and helps to sooth any tension they may have. When with her sister though, she seems almost completely different. Normally the two seem very friendly and close together like most siblings, but becomes incredibly competitive when a potential sexual encounter is about. At times, the two will even bicker and fight one another though they will eventually stop and make up. In spite of their sibling rivalry, Furido does indeed love and care for her sister.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Furido possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting, stretching and liquefying. Whereas Furo relies on morphing, Furido uses overwhelming mass instead. She's not nearly as combative as her sister and uses her talents more for comforting people or to titilate others. What truly separates her from her sister is her special ability: She is able to spawn proxy bodies from her own mass to do her bidding. These slimes have the same basic shape outline but lack any features save for a full-lipped mouth. They take care of chores or help in her job at the spa, though they appear to have enhanced strength and can restrain an individual.



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