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Killer Instinct

Glacius is a character featured in Killer Instinct fighting game series by Nintendo, Rareware and Double Helix.

Character OverviewEdit

An alien from a faraway planet, Glacius has traveled all the way to Earth to bring down UltraTech who has held captive several members of his race. Captured by the mysterious corporation, he is released into the Killer Instinct tournament with the promise of not only ensuring his freedom, but that of his fellow brethren as well.

An ancestor of Glacius under the same name appears to enter the tournament on an identical mission to save his stranded kin.


The first Glacius appears as a white-colored humanoid with defined muscular physique. His face is almost featureless save for a pair of glowing green eyes and his chin seemingly frozen as indicated by several icicles drooping down from his head. His forearms seem to radiate with ice energy.

The second Glacius appears to a bit more sleeker in appearance. Like his ancestor, he has a defined muscular shape and general ice theme but with some differences. His hands and feet only feature three digits for a more alien-like appearance and his body features more blue than white with his face more defined as if appearing as a mask of snow.

The third Glacius places more emphasis on his alien biology, featuring a taller and more slim build as well as a crude beak. This Glacius also wears a skin-tight nanosuit that allows him to breathe the planet's atmosphere, his neck portion pulsating with each breath he takes and his arms and torso featuring futuristic lines running alongside his musculature.


Both of the Glacius characters have been described as pacifists and peace-keepers despite their fearsome appearance but when push comes shove, they do what is necessary for the sake of their race.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Despite their pacifist nature, the Glacius characters are well-trained in the art of self defense although they can also utilize the element of ice to an extent in the form of hopping ice projectiles. Their body is made out of a liquid-like substance similar to water and as a result, possess the typical slime abilities such as liquefying, stretching and weapon forming. The third Glacius in particular shows off the ability to manipulate the oxygen around him and form constructs of solid ice as projectiles as well as buffering his durability by instantly forming a suit of ice armor.



  • The Glacius character seems to have been based on the Sub-Zero character of the Mortal Kombat series, who not only possesses similar powers but very similar story details such as their being a younger family member who takes up the name after them.

Video demonstrationEdit

Glacius Playthrough Part 1
(Killer Instinct)
Glacius Playthrough Part 2
(Killer Instinct)
Killer Instinct arcade Glacius 1 208:01

Killer Instinct arcade Glacius 1 2

Killer Instinct arcade Glacius 2 210:27

Killer Instinct arcade Glacius 2 2

colspan="2" style="-moz-border-radius:10px"|Glacius Playthrough Part 1
(Killer Instinct II)
Glacius Playthrough Part 2
(Killer Instinct II)
Killer Instinct 2 arcade 1 210:57

Killer Instinct 2 arcade 1 2

Killer Instinct 2 arcade 2 210:50

Killer Instinct 2 arcade 2 2

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