Yucky Duck

Real Name:

Gosalyn Mallard










Darkwing Duck

First appearance:

Darkwing Duck Season 1 Episode 57 (as Yucky Duck)

Gosalyn Mallard is one of the main protagonists of the animated series, Darkwing Duck.

Character OverviewEdit

Gosalyn is an occasional sidekick to the dark crimefighter, Darkwing Duck under superheroine aliases such as Quiverwing Quack and Crimson Quackette. A feisty character at heart, she's no stranger to danger. Gosalyn is turned into the 'Yucky Duck' creature in Slime Okay, You're Okay by Dr. Bushroot's IQ2U formula.


Normally, Gosalyn appears as a nine year old anthropomorphic duckling with short red hair tied up in two pigtails, wearing a purple shirt with a 1 on the front and purple sneakers. When she becomes Yucky Duck, all of her body except for her beak, turns into a vibrant green. Use of her powers however steadily fuses her legs into a puddling up formation and steadily gains mass before becoming a blob barely resembling Gosalyn with unfocused eyes an lumpy arms.


Gosalyn is a spunky child with a penchant for crime-fighting willing to jump head first into battle

Special AbilitiesEdit

Gosalyn does not have any special abilities before her transformation, relying on gadgets and any training she received. Upon becoming Yucky Duck, her entire body is made out of a fast consuming slime that allows her to quickly digest anything she gobbles up within mere seconds. Her navigation abilities are quite high as she is able to move through a sewer with ease, although this is more of cartoon physics at work. In addition, she has the ability to split herself up into multiple entities and join back together without reprocussions. Outside of that, she possesses the basic slime powers of stretching and liquefying.



  • Gosalyn is one of the youngest slime girls to appear in media at age 9.

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