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Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

Hexxus is the main antagonist of the animated movie Ferngully: The Last Rainforest by Peter Faiman and Wayne Young. He is voiced by Tim Curry

Character OverviewEdit

Hexxus was an evil spirit of destruction who once wreaked havoc upon the tropical paradise known as Ferngully. The fairies residing their used their magic to seal the beast inside of a tree, never to be seen again and presumed dead. However, when the hapless drivers of a large tree leveler accidentally cuts down a marked baobab tree, the creature is finally released and attempts to regain his strength in order to resume his destruction spree


In his most base form, Hexxus appears as a shapeless apparition resembling oil. Unlike other slime creatures, his form is constantly morphing and oozing as his moves, the only distinguishable trait amongst his chaotic form is an animated mouth standing atop a stalk. As he ingests toxic, his form expands before developing a black gooey skeleton with his true form appearing seconds later as a black humanoid creature with beady eyes and a wispy form.


Hexxus lives only to destroy and delights in consuming toxins and other hazardous substances. He has a bit of manipulative streak, using the two witless pilots behind the leveler to trick them into cutting down more trees and exhuming more smoke in order to feed his power.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Hexxus possesses the basic slime abilities of liquefying and shapeshifting. He feeds primarily on all toxic and otherwise hazardous substances such as smoke and oil, expanding and growing stronger the more he feeds, eventually becoming gigantic. While not explicitly shown, Hexxus is able to destroy all plant life around his immediate area and possesses a bit of immortality. While he cannot be killed, he can still be sealed away and indefinitely so. He also has the ability to change his voice to match anyone he chooses.