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Sharkboy and Lavagirl

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The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

Lavagirl is the titular deuteragonist of the 3D live action movie, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl by Robert Rodriguez. She is portrayed by Taylor Dooley.

Character OverviewEdit

Lavagirl was one of two characters created by the young daydreamer Max as part of his imaginary world, detailed in his personal "Dream Journal". She once came to Max's house one day who was taking care of another character called Sharkboy and took him away to paths unknown. She later returns for real when she and Sharkboy summon him to his own dream world called Planet Drool where he is the key to stopping a calamity from destroying it completely. Because Max never thought up of or wrote down her origins, she has no proper recollection of her past or where she comes from and remains supportive of Max in the hopes she may get some answers from him.


Lavagirl appears as a young girl with tan skin, brown eyes and long, fiery red hair with a tint of pink in it. Whenever she is enranged, her hair literally ignites into a plume of reddish-pink flames. Her attire consists of a dark red bodysuit with cracks running along her frame which contains traces of glowing magma, large boots and gloves.


Lavagirl, compared to Sharkboy, is almost the complete opposite in terms of personality. While Sharkboy is impulsive and rude, Lavagirl is level-headed and reserved. Because of her powers however, she is a bit shy when it comes to communication. She is often very supportive and kind to Max, although there are traces that part of her positive attitude towards him is simply to find answers about herself since they were never written down or simply forgotten.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Lavagirl's abilities have never been truly explored, but it is clear that she is a sentient collection of lava given thought. Her main attacks consists of launching fireballs and streams of magma from the palms of her hands. She is also able to reduce all but her head into an animated puddle of lava that burns her enemies on physical contact and seems to possess some degree of contortion as she displays in one scene the ability turn her head around in a complete 360 degree angle. While water seems to not have any long lasting effects on her body, being submerged in it will cause her internal temperature to cool down and her body to harden from the inside, possibly dying as a result. By plunging herself in hotspots such as active volcanoes will revive and strengthen her power.