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Legend of Zelda

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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Morpha is a boss character featured in the video game Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a part of the Legend of Zelda series by Nintendo

Character OverviewEdit

Morpha is one of many creatures that inhabit the once sacred temples hidden throughout Hyrule during Ganondorf's rule as the King of Evil. Lying in wait in the Water Temple, it quietly awaits for Link to come should the lesser monsters and its enemy's shadowy doppelganger fail to slay him.


Morpha takes on the appearance of a large body of strange water with a single thick tentacle of water wiggling about. At the center of the mass is a red-colored nucleus with a gray jelly-like covering.



Special AbilitiesEdit

Morpha does not appear to possess much in fortitude or ability. Its nucleus swims about, conjuring up tendrils from its mass by swirling around in a certain area. When poised to attack, the tendril stiffs up before coming down to ensnare Link. If it catches him, it will swing him back and forth while constricting some of his life out before throwing him across the room, usually into one of the wall's floor-low spikes. Once it has taken enough damage, it will form two tendrils for attack.

Despite its strength, the rest of its body is as shallow as real water, and thus, Link can use his newly acquired Longshot to pull the nucleus out of the water and slash it to inflict damage. Usage of Din's Fire can also evaporate its tentacles.


Morpha is one of many monsters that reside in the defiled sacred temples of Hyrule that serve as signposts for the Sages. When Ganondorf took over Hyrule as the King of Evil with his newly acquired Triforce of Power, Lake Hylia was subject to a frozen nightmare as its inhabitants, the Zoras, were trapped in sheets of ice where they once swam and their king trapped in a block of strange red-colored ice. When Link acquires flames of the Blue Fire from the Ice Dungeon and thaws out the King, the Zora begs him to go find and save the missing Princess Ruto who had gone into the Water Temple. Though he finds her there, she seems to disappear into the Temple.

When Link conquers the dungeon and his dark doppelganger, he finally confronts with Morpha, who uses its encompassing mass to its advantage by forming tentacles from the large body to constrict and toss him around the arena. Only by ripping the nucleus from its abode was the Hero of Time able to inflict serious damage. Enraged, it summoned more tentacles to fight, but alas, Link's skills proved too formidable and Morpha was slain, taking its water with it.


Video demonstrationEdit

Morpha Boss Battle
TLOZ - Ocarina of Time - MORPHA

TLOZ - Ocarina of Time - MORPHA