Neo Geegus
Liquid Metal Soldier

Real Name:

Neo Geegus










World Heroes

First appearance:

World Heroes 2

Neo Geegus is a boss featured in World Heroes 2, the second installment in the World Heroes series by SNK Playmore

Character OverviewEdit

Neo Geegus was created to replace the fallen Geegus model that perished in the first game. He has been sent to the present to destroy the World Heroes.


Like Geegus, Neo Geegus was modeled after the T-1000 from Terminator 2. He has a similar appearance and build to Geegus, with the exception of stud-like strands resembling hair and a more defined face.


Neo Geegus doesn't appear to have much of a personality although he tends to flaunt himself in his win poses and smiles arrogantly even when defeated.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Neo Geegus possesses the basic slime abilities of liquefying, shapeshifting, weapon formation and mass shifting. Being an improved version of Geegus, Neo Geegus' combat abilities have been enhanced to better utilize his mimicry abilities. Outside of his copying ability, he is able to take advantage of his physiology by attack opponents as a blob of liquid by leaping at them or sliding and targeting their legs. At any given time, he can cause his body to explode on command, damaging enemies who manage to push him into a corner and then reform a second later.


  • Despite having no emotions, it apparently has political opinions, believing that the Democrat party can save America
  • Plans were made to have a female liquid metal creature as the final boss, but time constraints and modeling issues forced the creation of another Geegus.