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Double Circle

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Double Circle Episode 1

Nibiiro is a fictional character and the main antagonist featured in the anime shorts Double Circle by TOSHIBA.

Character OverviewEdit

Not much is known about Nibiiro other than her desire to wreak havoc and cause pollution. Her appearance is hinted at early by another alien named Tama and when she appears, she combats the show's heroes after she drains the city's power supply.


Nibiiro appears as a large black colored blob of amorphous goo, surrounded by a dark purple-ish aura. Her alternate form is that of a pale-skinned woman with long white hair in an unkempt fashion that looks closer to tendrils. Her clothing consists solely of a dress made of the same goo which covers all but her hands and head.


Nibiiro is completely malevolent and gleeful in her desire to cause destruction and pollute everything within her line of sight. Usually wearing a sickly smile, she revels without remorse. Nibiiro however does not appear to talk at all, mostly grunting, chuckling or screaming.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Nibiiro possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting and stretching. Her unique amorphous body renders both physical and energy attacks useless as she can simply distort or regenerate from damage. Her unique power comes in the form of energy absorption. With a simple touch, she can immediately siphon away power from any electronic appliances or even entire buildings. She can also consume people into her mass where they are sent to another dimension. When near any plant life, vegetables or fruit, she absorbs and pollutes them as well. One of Nibiiro's weaknesses seems to be light when she was once blown apart from the inside. While Nibiiro has been repeatedly defeated by her enemies, manages to return each time, hinting at immortality.



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