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Three Delivery

First appearance:

Three Delivery Episode 6

Shape Shifter is a character featured in the animated series Three Delivery by Larry Schwarz.

Character OverviewEdit

The Shape Shifter is a demon employed by the main antagonist Kong Li to track down a number of antiques and recipes while fooling his enemies and attracting as little attention as possible. In spite of his powers, he views Kong Li as his superior and fears him as well.


The shapeshifter's base form is that of a black mess of goo shaped into the basic outline of a male with a slim but muscular build. When transformed, the only telltale sign is his eyes which remain a beady black.


The shapeshifter is depicted as a cunning adversary confident in his fighting ability. He seems to take pleasure in deceiving his enemies and creating conflicts between them. The only thing he seems to truly fear however is Kong Li, to the point of actively fleeing when angered.

Special AbilitiesEdit

The shapeshifter possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting and liquefying. While he is able to collapse his form or create fully functional wings, his primary ability comes in being able to mimic anyone's form. The only telltale signs are an echoing filter and his beady black eyes. He seems to also possess exceptional fighting skills and takes advantage of his malleable body to keep up with and overwhelm Nana's subordinates all at once



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