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Sigrid is an original creation by Kaihedgie

Character OverviewEdit

Also known by her nickname, the "Ghoul Huntress", Sigrid is a mysterious bounty hunter whom seems to follow her own special code of conduct that usually results in her straying from her target but eventually getting her job done. Equipped with a rather peculiar gun and unearthly powers, she's more than a match for the bounty she's been set up to hit.


Sigrid appears as an adult anthropomorphic female fennec with green fur and black hair. Most peculiar is that although it is tied up, the other end is actually her long tail. She wears a dark body suit wrapped in dark green bandages that freely dangle about, as if to signal her appearance. She wears a dark eye patch from where a green light shines through.


Sigrid is a no-nonsense person with a rather stiff disposition. She is rather direct and to the point, preferring not to sweat the small stuff and will not hesitate to open fire on those who irritate her. In spite of this, she is not exactly a loner and will team up with non-bounty hunters if the situation calls for it.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Sigrid possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting and liquefying. Sigrid displays great marksmanship with her personal firearm, a hand gun featuring a blade on the top of the barrel and bottom of the handle which fires magic bullets that explode with great force or can ensnare enemies in a barrier. Her real abilities however, come in the form of her body, which has been transformed into a special, concentrated form of ectoplasm. Because of this state, she possesses a degree of psychokinetic power, able to levitate and throw objects by concentrating on them. While normally tangible, she can transform partially, halfway or fully into a silhouette of a fox-like creature with green glowing sections. Only the glowing parts of her are tangible and she can expand her shadowy form to encompass an entire room to obscure her own movements or to ensnare them in her own trap, projecting a special aura that can render weak-minded individuals unconscious.