Sin Nasoguski is a character in development for "Secrets in Sand."

Character OverviewEdit

Sin Nasoguski is a Red Slimegirl that once served in the Rebellion Slime Army, as it was the only force Banara had to defend against both the Neo Force and Breakers Army until FPE surfaced to fight the same forces, causing a number of rips within the Space Time Continuim. Sin is the daughter of the Rebellion's Commander, War Queen Alirena Nasoguski. Sin left the army after it and the FPE eradicated the Neo Force and its commanders. She then went to the Eastlands, a desert-like environment with small towns, raiders, thieves, and dangerous beasts know as Rechwiks. She settled in one of the towns after helping fend off the Great Bandit Army, led by the Madman.


Sin's body is red with a hint of purple stripes that ride along the sides of her arms and back. Her hair is a pink color, and she dons a small top and torn jean shorts that she's fond of wearing, which were a gift from Tio Hue Yakuza, Renji's partner during the FPE's period.


Sin is naturally kind when she is not on the job, but she can be slick when she is out to assassinate a target. She is more defensive in her new home.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Born from a once War Queen Dragon from the Dracions age, she has quite a bit of speed over most slimegirls in the army. Her slimeblade acts like an assassin's weapon when using stealth, gaining an unknown horde of power which allows her to penetrate even the toughest of creature hides.


During her new settlement, Sin encounters the reformed Lady Swoosh, the 3rd in command of the Rebels (whose intention differed from the rest of the army with Dr.Lea) and the army's scientist (and another slimegirl) by the name of Dark Kia, Swoosh's creation for an act of Revenge upon Renji Borran, sadly unknowing if he was still alive or not. Sin defends a little town by the name of Easmarti, where the town people had grown accustomed to her bravery and built her a home, which in turn she allowed Swoosh, Lea, and Dark Kia to reside along with her. Later on, Sin is invited to the Hidden City by a corporation by the name Company, there she learns that Renji and Tio are alive at a city named Banara Isle from Agent Psy, who needed her help to get secrets on Company's true intention: remove the Great Reach Forest. Sin decides to go home without letting Swoosh know of Renji's whereabouts, but she knows it won't be long until they somehow run into each other.