Slime Princess
200px-Slime Princess

Real Name:

Slime Princess










Adventure Time

First appearance:

Episode 3: Prisoners of Love

Slime Princess is a character featured in the animated series Adventure Time by Pendleton Ward.

Character OverviewEdit

The Slime Princess is the princess of the Slime People in the Adventure Time universe, who have a kingdom underground. She was introduced in the series by being kidnapped by the Ice King, alongside the other princesses, and thus being rescued by Finn.


She appears as a dull green blob creature, with a yellowish center. She also wears a tall tiara with a light green gem on it. Slime Princess also possesses two small arms which can recede into the rest of her body.


Slime Princess seems to have a very affectionate and kind personality. In her first appearance, she was smitten with Finn after he saved her and the other princesses from the Ice King. In a later episode, she is quick to fall in love with the Ice King, while under the assumption he is someone else known as "Nice King."

Special AbilitiesEdit

Slime Princess does not seem to possess many abilities of a polymorphic entity, other than being in a slimy, blob-like state and able to recede body parts into herself.

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