A female (left) and male (right) Sludgepuppy






Ben 10

First appearance:

Big Fat Alien Wedding

Sludgepuppies are an alien race shown in the Big Fat Alien Wedding episode of Ben 10.


Sludgepuppies are an alien race composed of a purple muck-like substance. They are known as avid shapeshifters and have been in a long-lived feud with the group known as The Plumbers.


Sludgepuppies are composed of a purple muck which makes up their entire body. They look rather blob-like most the time, but take on a vaguely humanoid appearance most the time. Their bodies bear absolutely no resistance to incoming attacks or bodies, causing anything to simply go through them.


Sludgepuppies seem to have complete sentience and control over emotions, giving them variable behaviors. However, for the most part, they have a grudge against The Plumbers, and will not hesitate to fight them. Max Tennyson once described them as "the nasty, meanest bunch in the galaxy", which seems to imply a penchant for wanton violence. The only Sludgepuppies in the series to not harbor such feelings was Camille and her cousin-in-law, Lucy.


Sludgepuppies make use of several basic slime abilities, including: Stretching, merging/combining, regeneration, shooting out blasts of sludge, and shapeshifting. When it comes to shapeshifting, they can change their limbs into weapons, they can take on the form of another race (humanoid shape being most common), or turning into purple blobs.

When a Sludgepuppy stretches too far, their parts may actually fall off. However, they can also detach their individual body parts and control them anyway, making the weakness of their stretch ability less detrimental.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sludgepuppies are all purple and take on the appearance of blob-like humanoids most the time.

In the Sludgepuppy race, males and females have some differences in their appearances. Female Sludgepuppies tend to have whiskers and tendril-like eyebrows, whereas their male counterparts do not. Females also have large, light-purple eyes, while males have smaller, dark-purple eyes.