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Spectacular Spider-Man #222

Spidercide is a character featured in Maximum Clonage, a story arc featured in Spectacular Spider-Man comic book series by Marvel Comics.

Character OverviewEdit

Spidercide is one of many clones of the Marvel superhero Spider-Man created by the insane mutant scientist known as The Jackal. Like many other clones, he was created for the sole purpose of serving as a red herring as to who exactly was the real Peter Parker who had been suffering an identity crisis. After he was killed, he was revived by The Scrier and given with new powers and an appearance. While loyally bound to Scrier, he still served Jackal to the end.


Spidercide appears as a slightly bulkier and taller version of Spider-Man. While he retains the basic color scheme, he lacks the traditional webbing pattern and has an overall slicker appearance and is able to produce an expressive mouth through the normally mouthless "mask".


Like most other clones, Spidercide was introduced as a willing lackey for Jackal in his cloning scheme. However, after being revived by Scrier, he pledges loyalty to him even though he continued service for the Jackal although this is not explored or followed upon.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Spidercide possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting and liquefying. Much like Spider-Man, Spidercide possesses a supply of powerful webbing capable of supporting his weight and by using it, he can stick strands of it on solid surfaces to swing over long distances to cover a lot of ground. He also possesses super strength and a special ESP ability known as "Spider-Sense" which warns him of incoming attacks or other underlying hostilities. After being revived by the Scrier, he was given the ability to morph his body into a liquid state as well as selectively shapeshift parts of his body such as claws.



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