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Star is an original creation of exp230

Character OverviewEdit

Created as a lab experiment, Star is a bit of an odd ball for a slime. Despite her somewhat devilish appearance, she's quite the lovable canine with a friendly demeanor


Though usually subject to change, Star appears as a canine with black and white coloration flat ears and heterochromia; a left green eye and a right blue eye. Curiously, both eyes contain a swirl of opposite colors within their irises and slit pupils. A blue star is emblazned on her right eye and her backside. She is sometimes seen with a European crown.


Star is quite the lovable creature, her friendlyness only enhanced by her appearance. Although she doesn't look it, she wants nothing more than acceptance by other people. She has been known to play harmless tricks on people from time to time.

Special AbilitiesEdit

After having her body bonded with a 'goo suit', Star exists as a being completely composed of a dark, metamorphic liquid which she can manipulate to alter her appearance almost completely at will, often changing into other animals to either entertain or threaten. Star's form appears to be a bit unstable, often morphing about when in motion, but usually protruding a canine-like head amongst her chaotic mass.

She also possesses a long, prehensile tongue which can be extended as well. She does not appear to be cut out for battle, but she manages to make due.


  • Star's method of changing and shapeshifting was based on the Ferngully antagonist Hexxus

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