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Cybersix Episode 3

Terra is a character featured in the animated adaptation of the comic book series Cybersix by Chu Takara, Carlos Meglia, and Carlos Trillo.

Character OverviewEdit

Terra is a rogue creation of Von Reichter, a young mad scientist. After repeated failed attempts to mold the creature into something physically and mentally intimidating, he leaves it be where it alone begins to develop and goes rogue, causing an oblivious rampage and it is up to Cybersix to stop him.


Terra first appears as a mold of ancient mud but after its first transmutation, he appears as a monochrome version of Reichter but during the second transformation brought about using the Sustenance of his goons, he takes on a more roughly humanoid appearance with a black featureless face and red beady eyes.


When Terra is first formed from the Sustenance of his creator, he seems to be rather confused and innocent but is shown to be clearly malevolent and destructive. However, after absorbing some of Cybersix's Sustenance, he becomes a much more gentler creature and becomes troubled by his wrongdoings although he is able to find fast friends in her.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Terra possesses the basic slime abilities of shapeshifting, liquefying and size control. While he doesn't appear to have much in the way of fighting ability, he makes use of his size and apparent speed to gain the upper hand. He also has the ability to meld with his surroundings by melting into them and then emerging whenever he is about to strike. While he is generally able to capture opponents in his mass, he can also absorb Sustenance from other creatures. However, due to his metamorphic makeup, his form and demeanor can easily change depending on whose Sustenance he absorbs.