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The Blob

Real Name:









The Blob

First appearance:

The Blob (1958)

The Blob is the titular antagonist of the feature film The Blob

Character OverviewEdit

The Blob is described in the original movie's tagline as 'Indescribable! Indestructible! ...Nothing can stop it!' with its remake stating 'Terror has no shape.' The Blob lives for one thing and one thing only: to devour everything and it can only grower bigger as it eats. No one where it came from but wherever it strikes, the unlucky inhabitants of any city it comes into contact with must be prepared.


The Blob appears as a shapeless purple or maroon colored mass of gelatin. It initially appears hand-sized but grows as it eats.



Special AbilitiesEdit

As described before, the Blob only lives to eat and consume all. It moves fairly fast, at about the average human running speed. Because of its shapeless makeup, it is able to squeeze through tight spaces and small confines with ease. Its entire body is composed of a fast-acting corrosive that burns and melts horrifically through flesh with ease as well as through metal, making it an ideal killing machine. Because of its amorphous makeup, conventional weaponry have no effect on it. The only way to subdue or even come close to killing it is to flash freeze it as it avoids cold areas.




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