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Throne of Yord

Real Name:










Shamanic Princess

First appearance:

Shamanic Princess Episode 4

The Throne of Yord is the main antagonist of the OVA series Shamanic Princess. Its base form is voiced by Rokuro Naya and Tristan Goddard in the English dub.

Character OverviewEdit

The Throne of Yord is the primordial deity of magic and as such, all forms of magic and even creatures born of it originate from it.


The Throne of Yord at first exists in a mere painting form but its true form however is that of an amorphous and large mass of dark red goo where a single yellow eye resides in the middle.


The Throne of Yord is an antagonistic being who enjoys toying and manipulating the lives of many humans, playing on their desires and weaknesses before breaking them. It looks down on humans and often questions emotional or even mundane concepts. However, all of this is a result of its own imminent loneliness,

Special AbilitiesEdit

As a primordial being, the Thorne of Yord has no real form, existing as a shapeless mass that can freely shapeshift into anything it desires and perfectly mimic their abilities. It can also possess and take over any who hold a connection to magic and even erase magic-borne creatures as well



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